Track Your Lost Android Mobile

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Are you worried about the misplaced or stolen Android mobile? Don’t worry you can easily track your lost or stolen Android device. There are the couple of ways to track your phone if you use your Google account liked to your phone. By using android mobile applications, you can track your phone if in case you installed but still, you have to track your phone and recover it

Track your Smartphone with Google Android Device manager:

By using the Android Device Manager the Google free tool is to locate, ring your device remotely. You no need to install this application to track your device. But you need to maintain the below-mentioned requirements

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  • You have login access to your account linked to your device
  • The theft has not reset Smartphone to factory default
  • You haven’t changed the Google settings then to disallow the Android device manager to locate your device.
  • And the Android device is turned on and connected to any internet

Use Google photos to ding Android device:

For this, your device has to access the internet connection and enabled “Backup & Sync” option in Google photos.  Someone needs to take pictures of your lost Android mobile then you can find the location of your device.

Simply visit the Google photos and log in using your Google Account (which your Android device is logged into). There check any pictures were taken your device was stolen. If they take any images then click on them and select the info icon. By seeing that information you can find the location where it was taken.

Track your mobile by using Google Location history:

But your device is connected to your Google account and internet. Location history of your device needs to be activated on your device. By using the location data for many different things you can locate your phone, if your Android is turn off then, you can use the location history data to identify the last recorded location.

On the other side, you can also use find my device app which also uses the GPS for tracking. The main advantage of the timeline is the ability to track your mobile location frequently overtime period

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Install the tracking app to find your phone in future:

You can also install some android applications on your device to track your mobile always. These applications are useful when you can lose/stolen/misplaced your device. They are the useful offer more remote control feature also add additional layer security. Google owns some third-party tools with best options

Here is the list of some mobile applications to install for secure your mobile in future. This application can be downloaded from Google play store at free of cost

  • Cerberus: This app provides the basic location tracking and records recording videos and audios, taking remote pictures, basic location tracking etc.
  • Lost Android: It is very similar to the Cerberus application. After installing the app you need to give the device administrator permissions.
  • Prey Anti Theft: Prey is known as the anti-theft tools for the smartphones and laptops. This Prey anti-theft application offers up to three devices you can track with their free account.
  • Family Locator: This application is used for families with multiple phones. All family members become the circle also app name is a closed group of people. On this app your family members also appear on a live map so that you can easily see everyone at any moment